Monday, July 5, 2010

July Challenge - Faux

I have participated in the monthly Polymer Clay Guild of Etsy (PCAGOE) contest.  This month's theme was "Faux."  Here, at my blog, Vixen Blogspot, you can see the creation process.  Here at my Flickr site, you can see all my jewelry from the series and here is my Etsy shop where I sell my jewelry.  Here you can go vote in the Monthly Challenge and with your vote you are entered to win free stuff.  Be sure to list the way you found out about the contest as either VyaKyasha, VixenJewels, or VixenJewel's blog.  I really appreciate it if you would support me in doing what I love most in life, creating art.   Please do not vote multiple times for my piece or vote multiple times at all.  Don't even feel obligated to vote for my piece at all - I didn't.  lol THANK YOU!!!

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