Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Reduction of My Canes for the Monthy PCAGOE Challenge

Okay, the suspense has peaked.

(Reduced to a workable width that will get reduced further most likely)

(POT OF DOOM - I did the risky playdoh-packing reduction method to get a cane without a background color.  What a pain, but I thought it was worth the suffering.)

(Reduced but not cleaned of the wretched playdoh or scrap clay)

(HOURS later, cleaned and ready for use)
(Finished daisy - a poorly cut scrap - approximately .5 inches diameter - not the smallest or the largest of the cane sections.)


  1. Lol I love you call it the pot of doom. It is such a pain clearing up after the playdoh. Someone (read so many blogs I can't remember who sorry) said they didn't bother cleaning up their scrap clay they just mixed the playdough in. I guess that saves half the cleaning up if you can dedicate that scrap to being just for this method.

    Seen you around on flickr but only just found your blog. Off to read some more

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by, surfingcat! I hate, hate, hate reducing canes without a background. Can't argue with the results though. :(