Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Building Blocks for the Monthly PCAGOE "Inspired by Fabric" Challenge

Those of you that read my blog regularly know that I chose to base my project on my dad's vintage 1970s shirt.  I am now in construction mode.  All my baking and buffing is complete.  I took some snapshots of my components.  The lighting in my computer room is poor but I was far too lazy to go down to the Lair to use my lightbox.  The textures may be a bit obscured and the colors aren't as true as they will be in a light box, but you will get the idea.
Some pendants.  All the parts that are different patterns are separate and movable.
More pendants above and accent beads below.
Now comes the fun and frustrating part of putting these pieces together.  :)


  1. Great job Polly!! Can't wait to see what you get completed with everything!

  2. Beautiful! But man, thassalodda pieces! You sure you wanna do that?

    I still haven't fully decided what I'm doing. Don't make me have to work so hard!



  3. .....what the hell are thassalodda pieces?

  4. OMG - THAT'S A LOTTA PIECES!! Omg....I'm dumb. LOL This is the new way I'm making stuff. Very assembly line, very coordinating, very interchangeable - lots of options, lots of finished pieces. I didn't really think this was a new concept....I kinda thought most people worked like that...hmmmm....

  5. This is exciting!! Look at all the wonderful pendants and beads!! I am impressed and looking forward to seeing how you use them.

  6. Wow you have been busy! I look forward to seeing some creations. Did you have any designs of final pieces in your mind when you started? You have made so many lovely components you certainly have plenty of options!
    I would be interested to know how other people work. I guess it's different if you are making lots of the same piece or each piece being different.

  7. I had sketches, surf. The pendants were designed to fit together but no, I didn't really have a total design in mind.